The board of the World Confederation of Billiards Sports, at the request of the chairman of the WCBS Anti-Doping Commission, created a special fund for which contributions will be collected to support the fight against doping in billiard sports. WCBS Solidarity Anti-Doping Fund began its activity by organizing a training course for activists and players participating in the 2nd EEBC Men’s 9-Ball Championship. The training took place at the Balkan Billiard Centre in Petrich, Bulgaria, and was attended by 60 people. The chairman of the Fund, Marcin Krzeminski, was the course leader.

The presentation provided information about the global anti-doping structure, indicated where to find the most important information needed by players and activists, how and where to obtain a TUE, and where to find information – a list of prohibited substances and methods. The course leader showed sample websites of the National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADO) and called for the cooperation of billiard federations with NADO.

The training was attended by people from: Poland, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Greece.