Project Description

World Confedertion of Billiards Sports

World Confederation of Billiards Sports empowers our member federations (UMB, WPA and IBSF), which represent the major disciplines of Billiards (Carom, Pool and Snooker) to each regulate, promote and develop their respective disciplines, while respecting the aims and ideals of our sport.

From federations to players to fans and across all walks of life, WCBS aims to unite the global Billiards community. Together we strive to inspire, excite and share the passion of Billiards as a sport to a new generation of players, while solidifying our global stature with inclusion into international multi-sport events.

Founded in 1992, WCBS is a member of ARISF and GAISF and is the only authority in Billiards Sports that is recognized by the International Olympic Committee.