Anti-Doping meeting in Kielce.

      The best Polish players participated in the anti-doping training conducted in Kielce by the director of WCBS, Marcin Krzemiński. The day before the start of the individual Polish Men's and Women's Championships, 40 people gathered at the Bińkowski Hotel. TUE, the Fair Play program and procedures related to anti-doping tests were discussed.

Great day for our Fund.

        Qinhuangdao Joy Billiard Promotion Co., Ltd. , the member of Qinhuangdao JOY Billiards Group from China is the Platinum Partner of our Fund!!! Joy Billiard which is the leading manufacutrer of pool table, and yearly production capability is 10000 sets high-end billiard table. The chairman of the WCBS Solidarity Anti-Doping Fund

Members of the Council

        The chairman of the Fund handed over the nominations to the members of the Council. Piotr Strozyk (POL)-Co-founder of the SuperGrosz brand and shareholder of AIQLabs became the secretary of the Fund and Petri Pohjola from Finland, Co-Founder of Frendy became the member of the Council.

Andy with us !

    Taiwan-based billiard cloth producer ANDY supported the fund to fight for clean sport. Andy Lin - the owner of the company, during a meeting with the chairman of WCBS Solidarity Anti-Doping Fund, emphasized that for many years he has been supporting actions that can help billiard sport on its way to the Olympic

Training in Spain.

Another training for players in the knowledge of basic anti-doping rules in sport took place at the Abrikot club in Torrieveja. 20 people participated in it. They were players taking part in the international EEBC Pyramid Tour tournament. The speaker was the chairman of the WCBS Anti-Doping Committee, Marcin Krzeminski.

MIN Tables – Silver Partner of our Fund.

    Korean manufacturer of professional billiard tables - the Min company has declared its two-year support for our Fund and obtained the Silver Partner status. The talks with the management of the company took place in Birmingham during the World Games 2022. Let us add that the World Games 2017 carom duels in Poland

Anti-doping presentation in Helsinki

The WCBS Anti-Doping Committee and the WCBS Solidarity Anti-Doping Fund organized a short training course for players on the fight against doping. The presentation was seen by 25 athletes from Finland, Latvia and Estonia. The meeting took place at PUH.VELI CLUB in Helsinki. The meeting was chaired by Marcin Krzemiński - chairman of the Fund.

The Fund inaugurated its activity

The board of the World Confederation of Billiards Sports, at the request of the chairman of the WCBS Anti-Doping Commission, created a special fund for which contributions will be collected to support the fight against doping in billiard sports. WCBS Solidarity Anti-Doping Fund began its activity by organizing a training course for activists and

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